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We are always recruiting exceptional players so if you think you would be a good fit, please visit our recruitment section.


Join Contempt: Openings & Application

CURRENT OPENINGS (Mon+Wed+Fri Raids / “Team B”)


Last updated 10/3/2019


Protection Warrior: Limited

Fury Warrior: Limited

Rogue: Limited

Feral Druid: Closed

Restoration Druid: Limited

Warlock: Limited

Mage: Limited

Hunter: Limited

Shadow Priest: Closed

Holy Priest: Limited

Enhance Shaman: Closed

Restoration Shaman: Limited


CURRENT OPENINGS (Saturday Raids / “Core”)


Last updated 10/3/2019


Protection Warrior: Open

Fury Warrior: Open

Rogue: Open

Feral Druid: Closed

Restoration Druid: Open

Warlock: Open

Mage: Open

Hunter: Open

Shadow Priest: Closed

Holy Priest: Open

Enhance Shaman: Closed

Restoration Shaman: Open


We are always on the lookout for highly-skilled individuals. Regardless of whether your class is listed, our standards remain the same. If you do not see your class/role listed and you feel you are the type of player we want, we encourage you to apply regardless. If you are applying for a spec not currently listed, the expectation for a raid spot is that you outperform a current raider within a lockout or two of your arrival.




Players will be expected to level and gear at a fast pace, with the first raid planned four weeks after launch.

Players must farm phase 1 pre-raid best in slot gear. (We will supply lists)

Players must be able to maintain a minimum 75% attendance of our raids.

Players must play an appropriate spec for the current content/phase.

Players must get attuned to Molten Core & Onyxia.

Players must come to raid with proper enchants and consumables.

Players must have maxed First Aid profession. (Cooking is also preferred)

Players must use Discord during raids. Please speak with respect and maturity and be willing to communicate/help others regardless of being in a raid or not.



Tanking applicants with a DPS secondary spec is preferred. All applicants are expected to be able to competently play ALL specs of their class, this is doubly so for tanking and healing classes.

We would like to find prospective recruits who are willing to learn new encounters and expand their knowledge base on their current raid experience. Recruits must be consistent in their playtimes and able to communicate with officers and members to fully understand encounters and be an active part of <Contempt>.



Looking to play a bit more casual or PvP only? Feel free to apply! We will have multiple raids each week and organized PvP so there is something for everyone.



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For further information regarding our recruitment please contact

Everground. Battlenet RID: Everground#1337 , Discord: Everground#7735

Dordric. Battlenet RID: Dordric#11183, Discord: Dordric#1954